Ziba Mayar

Infinite Campus Link

Students can create their own portal account by logging onto the following website and entering their personal information as follows:    Click HERE for Infinite Campus

Username = Student ID  (no padded zeros  Ex 1000003560 or 900011111)

Password = First Initial, Last Initial and 6 digit birthday  (XXMMDDYY  ex.  JK122998 or RB041199)

*When students set up their account they will need to set their security preferences and set up a valid email so the system can respond to lost passwords.


Class Schedule

 Period 1 - Pre-AP Biology

 Period 3 - Pre-AP Biology

 Period 4 - Pre-AP Biolog

 Period 5 - CP Biology

 Period 6 - Pre-AP Biology



Contact Information

Ziba Mayar - Science Teacher

(951) 695-7300 ext. 3117