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Tom Brown

About TVHS Ceramics

TVHS Ceramics offers training in a wide variety of Ceramic materials, processes, tools and assignments to give students a deep understanding of the Ceramic Arts. The goal of our Ceramic program at TVHS is to prepare each student for the college ceramic classroom by giving them the knowledge and mastery of the ceramic classroom so they feel self assured and confident. Students are encouraged to develop a deep understanding of the materials , processes , tools and techniques as well as their own  unique style and sense of  individual artistic expression.

TVHS offers Ceramics 1 which is a basic deep foundational class on the subject. Ceramics 2 is a concentrated examination of various assignments ( fewer number of assignments with far greater detail and originality) that are more difficult and challenging. TVHS Ceramics Is a year long class that satisfies students Fine Arts graduation requirements.

About the instructor

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