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Maryann Mc Cann

TKAM Resources

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Week 2: August 18-22

Students continued to work on creating the comprehension book/categories. Introduction into the Article of the Week and Common Core Standards.

Syllabus and Calendar were given to the students.

Week 5: September 8-12

“There is no substitute for hard work. Worthwhile results come from hard work and careful planning.” -John Wooden

Monday:  Labor Day!

Tuesday-Thursday:  Finish reading the novel, Speak and double check your reading schedule.  Review greek root words#1

Article of the Week #3 (PTSD-post traumatic stress disorder). Greek Root #2: path.  See syllabus details about grades/percentage value per assignment.

Friday: Happy Friday!  Homework: TMDG Project to be completed in class.  We are building concrete details and commentary into CHUNK WRITING.


Week 6: September 15-19

"If you're not making mistakes, then you're not doing anything. I'm positive that a doer makes mistakes." -John Wooden

Monday:  Happy Late Start Monday! Students are working hard on the island project from TMDG short story that we read recently. Kids need to know the four root words and the definitions.  We will begin 1 and 2 chunk writing Tuesday. Article of the Week #4 today.

Tuesday-Friday: Holt page 244, notes on how to write a PREWRITE.  Students will read pg. 244 and find the three key facts about pre-writing.  This is the first step before a writer begins to craft a response to literature essay.  We are planning to write our first essay from the short story, The Most Dangerous Game.  

Week 7: Sept. 22-26

Your mind is like a parachute, it doesn't work unless it's open.
~ Jordan Maxwell

Monday: Article of the Week #5. Notes on how to write an introduction paragraph. Build a prewrite for TMDG.

Tuesday: Began writing our first practice introduction paragraph. Type Intro. (MLA) due Tuesday. Greek Root #3

Wednesday: Two chunk paragraph group practice (11 sentence).

Thursday:  Peer-edit the two-chunk body paragraph.  Review Chunk: 1 CD :: 2 CM's

CD: Concrete Detail (quote from text), CM#1: Contextualized detail CM#2: Character analysis (action/words)

Friday: Test on TMDG

Week 8: Septmeber 26-30

By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest.

Monday: Students worked on editor's comments from TMDG body paragraph practice.  A review was completed on the definition of a CD, CM#1, CM#2, and we worked on topic sentences.  We also logged onto my website to view HELPFUL LINKS by clicking on the MLA link to see how a formatted essay is created.  Students will be typing a body paragraph from TMDG by Wednesday using MLA format.  Homework: Typed MLA formatted body paragraph due Wednesday, print up Pinnacle grade sheet with parent signature due Wednesday- ***Don't forget to be working on Outside Reading Project due: Oct. 4th.  See handout in student composition book.  

Tuesday: Students took notes in their comp. book for Chapter Two: Characterization.  We began reading Thank You M'am, by Langston Hughes.\

Wednesday: Finished reading Thank You M'am, read Mother and Son, Langston Hughes. 

Thursday: Discussed Character Arc: How characters changed throughout the story, using the How and Why characters change? Students were able to pull concrete details from the text to prove the How and Why our character Roger changed!  Began working on the reading comprehension question.  Test on Thank You M'am next Monday.

Any extra class supplies would be greatly appreciated! Colored pencils, glue sticks, #2 pencils, Kleenex tissue boxes! :) 

Week 9: October 3-7

Monday:  Students took test on, Thank You M'am, Langston Hughes.  Most did fabulous!

Tuesday:  Began reading the next short story from Chapter Two, Helen on Eighty-Sixth Street, Wendi Kaufman.  We will be taking the reading comprehension test next Monday.  Working on ALLUSIONS.  Our main character, Vita, alludes to mythological gods and goddesses (especially Athena) as she begs her teacher Mr. Dodd to switch her role from warrior to, Helen of Troy, in a class play while her friend Sarah wishes to be cast as a warrior who works with their classmate inside the Trojan Horse.  Vita wishes for three things and believes that the Ancient Greek Goddess, Athena, granted her two of the three wishes. 

Wednesday:  Continue to read silently the story, Helen on Eightly-Sixth Street and complete comprehension questions, 1-10 in class.

Thursday: Read aloud, Helen of Troy to class.  Finish answering the reading comprehension questions for Helen, Holt pg. 114-115.

Friday: Students will continue to study for Monday's test, Helen.  Vocabulary for Helen will be our focus today!  Grade sheet due today.

Week 10: October 10-14

The greatest thing in style is to have command of metaphor.

Monday: Welcome German Foreign Student Teacher, Sebastian, to TVHS! Sebastian is studying to become a teacher in Germany and is a double major with one more semester to go! He is focusing on English and Theology.  He teaches guitar on the side.  Sebastian will be here for three months and will help with our classwork in English 9.  This week we are working on our first five paragraph essay using quotes from the story, The Most Dangerous Game. 

Tuesday: Body paragraph #1 is just about complete.

Wednesday: Body paragraph#1 and beginning work on Body paragraph #2

Thursday:  Body paragraph #2 and #3.  Introduction into greek and latin root word program by Mrs. Huth.

Friday: Part 2 of greek and latin root words by Mrs. Huth.  Finish Body paragraphs today.  Introduction paragraph on Monday!

Week 11: October 21-25

The time to begin writing an article is when you have finished it to your satisfaction.  By that time you begin to clearly and logically perceive what it is you really want to say.  ~Mark Twain


Monday:  Finish by Wednesday Root Word #1 (new set of Greek/Latin words) and their activities.  Begin writing body paragraph to Odyssey: Cyclops and introduced AoW #9, "Electronic Cigarettes Growing in Popularity With Teens". Small group read around with Calypso MLA paragraph due last Friday.

Tuesday:  Body Paragraph #2 (Cyclops) rough draft done in class.  Some students may be behind here so encourage to finish at home. Read aloud the Daybook (DB) Lesson #6 poem The Last Wolfe (focus on details in text), 

Wednesday:  Finishing Root Word #1 scrib, script today.  Type MLA Cyclops paragraph due Thursday (8 sentences).  Reading in Holt Odyssey, "Going Home" pages 690-709 4 quotes/commentary in dialectical journal due Friday. 

Thursday:  So far, the students are very familiar with the essay writing terms (Jane Schaffer) used to discuss body paragraph sentences.  For example, you may ask your student to define a concrete detail, commentary, closing sentence, topic sentence, and for body paragraphs 1 and 2, we use the the connection sentence Today we will work in small groups and use peer editing skills to evaluate one another's 3 body paragraphs.

Your kids are AWESOME!

Friday: Your students are almost ready to turn in the third body paragraph MLA. Next week we will take notes on how to write an introduction and concluding paragraph.  


Week 12: October 24-28

 I would hurl words into this darkness and wait for an echo, and if an echo sounded, no matter how faintly, I would send other words to tell, to march, to fight, to create a sense of hunger for life that gnaws in us all.  ~Richard Wright, American Hunger, 1977.

MondayWriting!!!! We are focusing on editing the third body paragraph for the Oddesey Essay  Next we will be studying how to write an introduction and concluding paragraph. Your notes for both of the paragraphs should be on page 43 in your composition book. Reminder: keep all verbs in active form (ending in S, like reveals or shows).  Re-read several times before you think you're finished.  

Tuesday-Wednesday:  Students are working on revising the third body paragraph for the Odyssey Essay. Went to library and picked up Romeo and Juliet, and picked up an outside reading book 250+ pgs.

Thursday: Daybook 7- We checked for completion on this short story. Looked at id detail within a text.

Friday:  We will watch the 2nd part of Odyssey, "Going Home". Students turned in Greek/Latin Root word#1, AoW #10, and complete the Holt Reading comprehension questions 1-14 today. 

Homework: Bring your new outside reading book beginning Monday and your Romeo and Juliet book.  We have finished reading Odyssey and I will assign the five paragraph essay for Odyssey next week. Look for the essay rubric, instructions on how to write a thesis statement, and a solid introduction paragraph and concluding paragraph. The due date for the MLA essay will be determined next Tuesday.  

Week 13: October 31st-November 4th

The opposite of love is not hate, it's indifference. The opposite of art is not ugliness, it's indifference. The opposite of faith is not heresy, it's indifference. And the opposite of life is not death, it's indifference.”
Elie Wiesel

Monday : Happy Halloween! Today we begin our studies with Elie Weisel's, Night.  Sebastian (our college exchange student from Germany) will begin with a brief presentation into European history and specifically on how WWI led to WWII.  Night will be our outside reading and students will be asked to read several times a week.  This reading should be complete within 2 1/2 weeks.  Projects will follow the reading, as well as a 5-paragaraph essay.

Tuesday: Part 2 of European history.

Wednesday: Discuss the new information on background details of WWI and WWII.  Writing Prompt topic: List the top 3 new facts learned about the background information.  Discuss with a partner/whole class.

Thursday: Begin Chapter One reading comprehension questions. Finish for homework.

Friday: Quiz on two concrete details from Chapter One.  This quiz will fall under the writing category (40%).  Students are to finish reading Chapter Two over the weekend.

Week 14: November 7th - 11th

"I swore never to be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim." Elie Wiesel

There are only 4 weeks left of Semester One! 


Monday:  Introduction to Socratic Seminar using Night, pages 1-10.  Students learned to create dialogue using concrete details and commentary.  Students are to Read pages 21-26 in Night.

Tuesday and Wednesday: Root words #3, discussion of TMDG essay critique, Continue with Socratic Seminar for Wednesday with pages 11-20.

Thursday: Root words #3, finish!


Week 15: November 14-18

“I feel that books, just like people, have a destiny. Some invite sorrow, others joy, some both. ”

Monday: Introduce double-journal entry using Night.  Today we started with pages 1-10 in class.  Five quotes per ten pages.  Themes discussed in this book are Loss of innocence, Loss of humanity (survival), Loss of God, Need for God, Family, Father. 

Tuesday: We checked for student's quotes/commentary in the double journal entry (25 points).  Pages 11-20 double journal entry.

Wednesday and Thursday: Socratic Seminar on Night

Friday:  Socratic Seminar Test! Today we are going to evaluate the students by way of Socratic Seminar!  Using Night, and the students' double-journal entries, we will create a classroom dialogue that reveals author's themes through character/narrator evidence.  Your students are brilliant! I love teaching my 9th grade Golden Bears! 

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! We are on vacation next week, so we will see you back on Monday, November 28th.

Week 16: November 28-December 2nd

"A prolonged whistle split the air. The wheels began to grind. We were on our way."
- Elie Wiesel, Night, Ch. 1


Monday-Welcome back! I've been remiss in not keeping up with my daily blog for English 9! We've been busy, but here's what happened this week!  Checked double-journal entries in our composition book for Night, Elie Wiesel.   Viewed the Oprah interview with our author from Night, Elie Wiesel.  Gave vocab three for classwork today.

Tuesday-Discussed the TMDG essays that were given back to the students.  The kids are learning more about the details in how to write a coherent thesis statement, and well developed commentary (analysis). 

Wednesday-Today we checked for homework: double journal entry notes for the memoir, Night (pgs. 40-71).  The students received the FINAL for English 9.  Finals at TVHS will be the last two days before Christmas vacation: December 15th and December 16th.  Periods 1,3,5 will be on Thursday; Periods 2,4,6 will have their finals on Friday.  Both of these days are minimum days (7:30-12:17) with no lunch.  Make sure kids pack a few snacks and water for finals!  Check grades on Pinnacle.  Everything is up to date!

Thursday-Continued to talk about the rubric/essay comments from our first essay, The Most Dangerous Game.  Students are able to meet with me privately during intervention for more one on one writing support! So far, three students have utilized this extra support time! Way to go Freshman!  You rock!

Friday-We discussed the FINAL in depth! Each of the four essay prompts must be thoroughly understood by the students BEFORE they can go back into Night and pull six concrete details (quotes) that might support the prompt.  Ask your student to read the half sheet handout for the FINAL.  We have 13 more days until FINALS.  Be sure to ask your child as to whether he/she knows about all of their finals for the other courses they are enrolled in.  BE PREPARED.  

Homework: Students are to finish their double journal entries for Night. Due: Monday

Week 17: December 5-9

ENGLISH 9 FINALS: We have a district assessment and an in-class essay on Night during Finals week. 

“I swore never to be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must always take sides.”
Elie Wiesel

Monday:  Today we are checking the last of our double-journal entries in Night, Pgs.  71-90 and 91-109.  The students received their handout for this week's Night photo parallel.  Students are to locate a family photo at home that most nearly looks like a Jewish family from pre-WWII European life that he/she will find on Tuesday at the CompuTek lab.

Homework:  Locate 6 concrete details for the Night essay #1.  Please write them in IP 75, OP 75 can be used for your commentaries.  Work on photo parallel assignment due Friday, 12/9.  Assignment is placed on IP 81

Tuesday: We will be going to the computer lab (CompuTek) and view the collection of jewish families and choose one that looks similar to your family today. 

Homework:  Locate 6 concrete details for the Night essay #2.  Please write them in IP 76.  OP 76 can be used for your commentaries.

Wednesday: We will check for the CD's for both Essay #1 and #2.  Vocabulary #4 introduction.  Work on essay sentence structures including thesis statements, transition sentences, and commentary, and also common mistakes in grammar, punctuation, and MLA quote citations.

Homework:  Locate 6 concrete details for the Night essay #3.  Please write them in IP 77.  OP 77 can be used for your commentaries.  Start placing your sticky notes (CD's) inside your book.

Thursday:  We will work on locating more quotes for Night essay #4 and answer any questions for the FINAL.  Our final will include

Homework:  Locate 6 concrete details for the Night essay #4 (yay, last one!).  Please write them in IP 78.  OP 78 can be used for your commentaries.  Start placing your sticky notes (CD's) inside your book for the FINAL.

Friday:  Turn in photoparallel project.  We will check for essay #3 and #4 CD's today.  We will work on Night in-class essay CD's and CM's...

Homework:  This is your chance to get your sticky notes in your Night book.  You need to make sure you have plenty of binder paper for the Final in-class essay on Night. 

FINALS WEEK IS NEXT WEEK! THURSDAY 12/8 is Periods 1,3, and 5. FRIDAY 12/9 is Periods 2,4, and 6.  

Week 18: December 12-16 END OF SEMESTER 1

“Write only if you cannot live without writing. Write only what you alone can write.”
Elie Wiesel

Monday: Review 9th District Assessment and preparation for in-class essay on Thursday and Friday.

Tuesday:  Students will take 9th District Assessment. 

Wednesday: Day of preparation for finals.

Thursday: Periods 1,3, and 5 FINALS... Modified Day-7:30-12:20 (no lunch)

Friday:  Periods 2,4, and 6 FINALS... Modified Day-7:30-12:20 (no lunch)


MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY HANNUKAH~ Mrs. McCann, Ms. Kerr, and Mr. Kowalski :) 

Weeks 19 and 20

Welcome to Spring 2012~ I hope everyone had a restful three week Christmas vacation! So for this semester we've begun reading the novel, West Side Story, and have discussed how this storyline paralells with the very famous Shakespearean play, Romeo and Juliet.  We've added the reading schedule for WSS and other assignments glued inside of our new composition book! We are now reading Chapter 3 and continue to locate/analyze quotes that reveal character growth or plot development.  We've also taken two quizzes.  All grades are currently on the Pinnacle website.  Some students are currently failing simply because they are not reading thier outside reading book, West Side Story. 

We are also beginning formal grammar instruction beginning with prepositions/phrases.  As we review the parts of speech, students will continue to practice their review of grammar using creative writing and write well developed sentences.  Also, we are continuing on with Greek/Latin word roots starting with Vocabulary #4.

Writing: Now that we've mastered essay writing using Response to Literature genre, we will begin a creative writing selection.  We are excited to try something new and more individual.

This Week-

Monday: MLK Day!!!

Tuesday: Read Ch. 2 and locate quotes. 

Wednesday: Read aloud rest of Chapter 2, continue to locate quotes.

Thursday: Quiz Chapter 2 WSS, note check on 5 quotes for Ch. 2

Friday: Memorize 1-11 prepositions for Monday's quiz, Tableaux exercise and read Ch. 3 WSS, Vocab #4 intro,

Week 21 January 23-27

Adversity is the state in which man most easily becomes acquainted with himself, being especially free of admirers then.
John Wooden

Monday: Preposition Quiz 1-11.  Grammar instruction IP/OP 26-students copied down 1-7 sentences and dissected for prepositional phrases, infinitives, subject, and verb or verb phrase. 

Homework: Complete 1-7 sentences, continue to read outside reading Ch. 3 (WSS) and locate 5 quotes/analysis.  Study for next 1-20 preposition quiz on Wednesday.

Tuesday: Checked for grammar page IP/OP 26 completion. Gave next 7 sentences for further understanding of prepositional phrases, subject, verbs.

Homework: Preposition Quiz 1-20 tomorrow-must place in alpha order, spelling counts.  Read the rest of Ch. 3 WSS and locate 5 quotes/analysis.  Finish the 7 sentences and Prefix -sub pictures activity on IP/OP 35.  Bring your WSS book daily/comp. book.

Wednesday:  Preposition Quiz 1-20. Grammar IP/OP 27- prep. phrases, verb phrase intro. Read aloud Chapter 4, WSS/analysis

Homework: Finish reading ch. 3/analysis due Thursday, cont. to read ch. 4 WSS.

Thursday: Ch. 3 WSS quiz, 5 quotes/analysis due

Homework: Study for the Preposition 1-31

Friday: Prep. Quiz 1-31, Grammar skills: prep. phrases, verb phrases

Homework: Finish reading Ch. 4, WSS.  Quotes due next week. Monday's prep quiz 1-41...be ready! :)

Week 22 January 30-February 3

Monday: Happy Late Start Monday.  We have our prep quiz 1-41.  Last prep quiz on Wednesay (1-53).  Finish reading WSS Ch. 4, add 5 quotes/analysis.  Get ready for Ch. 4 quiz.  The reading schedule is placed in your composition book so please check this daily and read as often as possible to stay on top of this.  Grammar Skills: prep. phrases, verb phrases, infinitives, sub/verb. Quiz on Friday.

Tuesday: Presentation on course selection for 10th grade from Dr. Warren.

Wednesday: Last prep quiz 1-53. Visit to the counseling office for course selection 10th grade.

Thursday: Ch. 5 WSS quiz.  Check for homework on WSS, chapter 5, quotes/analysis. Prepare for socratic seminar on Friday for ch.s 1-5

Friday:  Socratic Seminar/ Intro to Map of Manhatten.

Week 23 February 6-10th


"Success is never final; failure is never fatal. It's courage that counts." - John Wooden

Monday: Compare West Side Story Chapter 1-5 book with the musical, plot/character development.

Tuesday: Check homework on WSS Chapter 6 quotes/analysis.  Quiz on Ch.6, Quiz on Preposition phrases, sub. verbs.

Homework: Read Chapter 7 WSS for Thursday.  Have your five quotes/analysis ready and Ch. 7 quiz.

Wednesday: Mood and Tone Review/WSS Bernardo/Riff, Latin prefix- re: again. Vocab #5 intro. 

Thursday: Ch. 7 WSS quiz/quotes, Grammar

Friday:  Manhatten Map Project

Week 24 and 25 Feb 13th-24th

We've just finish reading West Side Story! We are now beginning our poetry unit as of last Tuesday.  Progress reporting period ends March 2nd!  Please make sure your student's English grade has not dropped since December's Semester 1 report card! 

Week 24

Monday: Test on Ch. 8 WSS, check analyis homework with 5 quotes

Tuesday: Intro into Poetry

Wednesday: Test on Ch. 9/10 WSS, check analysis homework with 5 quotes

Thursday: Begin character analysis group poster project.  Each student is assigned a quote (CD) and two commentary sentences (CM's)

Friday-Monday President's Day Holiday

Week 25

Tuesday: Quiz on poetry introduction, crossword, sentence application.  Collected Eleveny poems (typed or hand written neatly)

Wednesday: Analyis on poem, The Road Not Taken, Robert Frost, Greek/Latin #6 intro, grade 9/10 quiz.  Homework:  Fill in your pre-write for your in-class essay and include your notes on your analysis from today's reading, The Road Not Taken.  Re-read poem and create a strong thesis statement, followed by your CD's and CM's.  :) Good Luck!  Pinnacle grade/parent signature

Thursday: District Assessment essay (in-class) *Use Friday to finish if necessary.

Friday: Poetry continued, essay completion.

Week 26 February 27 - March 2nd


But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep.
Robert Frost



Monday: West Side Story, graded 9/10 chapter quiz, some kids finished in-class essay, Read Aloud article from Press Enterprise on the 50th Anniversary of the West Side Story dramatization.  Original gang members's story from San Bernardino was the basis for the original story's plot from an actual fist fight between two gangs at a local dance hall. 

Tuesday:  Greek Vocabulary and Direct Object introduction,  Posters, continued.

Homework: Work on vocabulary and grammar (direct object).

Wednesday: Tone and Mood Character dolls (WSS) Tone is set by the author while Mood is what the reader feels from the author's tone within a piece of literature.  Application for student understanding of tone/mood was set in small groups of four using word cards where kids had to create a sentence using synonyms for the word on the group card.  Kids then finished their character posters with their team for WSS.

Homework: Pinnacle grade sheet for English, parent signature.  Finish greek vocabulary, grammar sheet with sentences 1-6 (Direct Objects).

Thursday: Posters completed today.  Poetry, continued with a re-teaching on tone and mood using Mary Poppins clips, volume/no-volume, focusing a wide variety of moods evoked by author intention with tone.  Collected Pinnacle Grade sheet with parent signature.  PROGRESS REPORTING PERIOD ENDS FRIDAY MARCH 2ND...ALL GRADES FINAL AT 5 PM ONLINE.

Friday: Second half of WSS musical, continue with tone/mood application, small group essay analysis using Frost's poem, The Road Not Taken.

Week 27 and 28 March 5-16


Week 27

Monday-Tuesday: Finished filling in the WSS character posters/began presentations using eye contact, clear speech, and the ability to paraphrase our commentary and concrete details.  Class evaluation of group's performance.

Wednesday: Continued with poetry with rhyme scheme lecture. 

Thursday-Friday: Finished all poster presentations, identified rhyme scheme with Dr. Suess poetry and other authors...  and students turned in their MLA formatted Frost final draft.  Love these kids! Awesome effort this week! Modified day!

Week 28

Monday: Continue with poetry rhyme scheme lecture/check for student feedback for comprehension. ID rhyme scheme, end rhyme, approximate rhyme, internal rhymes. Kids will bring in homework: Find a set of lyrics from a musician or author.  We will use with our poetry project (to be completed in class)!

Tuesday-Wednesday: Working in class to craft a poetry analysis with small groups.  Presentations will be conducted Friday! 

Thursday: More poetry instruction

Friday: Group Poetry Presentations.  Will evaluate using rubric in class.

Week 29 March 19-23

Week of March 19th!

This week we said Good Bye to Ms. Fallscheer! She has been our guest student teacher from Germany for the past 8 weeks and the students have learned so much from our brilliant friend.  She brought to our campus a sense of warmth, passion, and dedication toward making sure each student connected with every lesson.  Thankfully, Ms. Fallscheer will return in April and May to do some follow up college studies here in Temecula!

Monday: Finished group poetry unit projects.  Analysis discussions through the use of author's writing styles were shared as well as listenting to clips, audio of lyrics and a group essay to finish off the project.  These kids are always improving on their reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills.

Tuesday: Picked up the novel, To Kill A Mockingbird, Harper Lee. Passed out the outside reading schedule for the novel to be read entirely during Spring Break.  That's two weeks!   and  we listened to the last of the  group projects...

Wednesday/Thursday: Lecture using powerpoint on author, Harper Lee.  Setting, characters discussed.  Points for book check on TKAM.  Some missed out on this.  Thursday: Quiz on TKAM ch. 1-3.  Super easy quotes on the three characters introduced at the beginning of story.  So far we've met: Scout (Jeanne Louis Finch) her brother, Jem (Jeremy Atticus Finch), their father (Atticus Finch) and Dill (a boy who visits his aunt during the summers) and Cal (Calpurnia, the housekeeper/caretaker of the children in the Finch home).  Feel free to go online and search To Kill a Mockingbird ppts for extra support.  They're easy to find! 

Friday: We listened to Ms. Fallscheer's slide show of what it's like growing up in Germany.  TV shows, schools, sports, and music.  Everyone signed her going away poster and visited.   We wish her well! 


Happy Easter to everyone!!!!!

Mrs. McCann

Week 30: April 9-13

Welcome Back!

Monday: Students received their graded essays analyzing the poem, The Road Not Taken, 3rd draft.  We checked for students who completed the cd's and cm's for TKAM due today.  Extra Credit for all completed work was given a value of +31.  Others will have the rest of this week to complete.  The other work assigned will be to go onto my homepage and choose 3 TKAM vocabulary words that are unfamiliar to each student.  We will utilize these for a group project next week.  Study Guide Questions for TKAM can also be viewed online.  See dates for work to be done in class or as homework over the next three weeks.

Tuesday: We took Holt book notes in Chapter 5, Irony and Ambiguity.  We began reading, Lady or the Tiger. We will identify scenes where the female character portrays examples of amibiguity. We will continue this story over the next few weeks.

Wednesday: Work in class on TKAM study guide questions and listen to the audio of TKAM chapters 4-6.  Complete the Dialectical Journal at home.

Thursday: Grammar, TKAM study guide questions 7-12.  Listened to the audio for 7-12.  Dialectical Journal for 13-15 is due tomorrow.

Friday: TKAM study guide questions chapters 13-15. We will listen to the audio 13-15.  On Monday we will take the quiz for 7-12.

Week 31: April 16-20

Monday: Quiz today on Chapters 7-12, plus we will check on the student's dialectical journal for chapters 13-15. We will listen to the TKAM audio on chapters 16-18 or as much as time allows.  Keep working on the student study guide for TKAM.

Tuesday: Quiz 13-15

Wednesday:Quiz 16-21

Thursday: Checked on Dialectical Journals for chapters 16-21

Friday: Checked on Dialectical Journals for chapters 22-31

Week 32 and 33: April 19-27

Week 32:  Finished the TKAM study guide watched the movie, To Kill A Mockingbird.

Week 33:  CST Star Testing 

Weeks 34 and 35: April 30 - May 11

Week 34: Introduced a creative writing project with The Mysteries of Harris Burdick.  Students listened to the back story from author, Chris Van Allsburg and then picked out a drawing from the Van Allsburg portfolio.  Each student is currently working on a fictional story using only the drawing, its title and caption.  All students have finished their first draft.  We will continue with the writing process in the next few weeks and go to publish each piece of writing through an online competition with Chris Van Allsburg's author website! 

Week 35: Students continue to work through the writing process, making sure the revision includes a rubric that checks for basic setting/situation, 5 events, the climax, falling action, and resolution! Peer editing has certainly helped our writers! Ready to go to a second draft soon! 

Week 36 May 14-18


Writing Process, continued this week with the Harris Burdick Mysteries.  Students will be typing the 2nd draft due this Wednesday.  Deadlines are important even in the writing process, although many students will most likely modify their story after this deadline.  Next step: read alouds and suggestions.  Always rethinking our writing with appropriate word choice!  Thesaurus anyone? Mini lesson on page set up where kids type their story using double spacing, and then specific placement for narration and dialogue.  More editing will be done even after this draft.


2nd draft (typed) due today.


Re-read 2nd draft, revise using the writing process rubric.  Permission slips download assignment for the online writing contest.

Week 38: May 21-24 May 25 Furlough Day

Monday: Read a short story and reviewed sensory details.

Tuesday: O.R.B.  (silent reading)

Wednesday: Harris Burdick stories- top 5 stories will be read aloud

Thursday: O.R.B. (silent reading) grammar


Memorial Day Weekend!

See you Tuesday!

Weeks 39 and 40: May 28-June 8

Week 39

Monday: Introduce story in Holt

Tuesday: Finish reading story in Holt and Vocabulary activity

Wednesday: Collecting last of vocabulary

Thursday and Friday: O.B.R. (outside reading book) finish your book and get ready for Friday in class book report analysis

Week 40

Monday: Give reading comp. test

Tuesday: Prep for 9B district assessment

Wednesday: 9B DA

Thursday/Friday: Finals Day (7:30-12:20)

Last Week of School! Congratulations 9th graders! You did it! You are now a Sophomore!  Enjoy your summertime!  Stay Safe!!!!! :) Mrs. McCann

Week 2: August 18-22

Monday: Took the quiz on the syllabus (5 points). Introduced the composition notebook.  This will be the place where all class notes go.  We watched a powerpoint on the Journey Project.

Tuesday:  More notes and rules were explained in our composition book.

Wednesday:  More notes, rules, and classroom expectations explained.  Everyone should have picked up the TVHS handbook this week.  An OPEN BOOK quiz on the TVHS handbook will be given next Monday (5 points).

Thursday: Pages 1-15 completed in the composition book.  Discussed and practiced Tasks 1-3 in the Journey Project.  Students should have picked their 5 events/how these events have impacted their life.  Then we discussed two aspirations that one could focus on- #1 aspiration: How do you want to be remembered by the time you graduate from high school? #2 aspiration: How do you want to be remembered after college? What career do you want to work toward and how do you think your career choice will impact you, your community, the world?  Project due: Monday, August 22nd.

Friday: Showing Writing vs. Telling Writing ppt.  Discussed the difference between the two types of writing for our Journey Project. 

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