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Michelle Galusha Locker

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Today: 11/28/15
Michelle Galusha

Contact Information

Michelle Galusha, Resource Specialist

(Student Services)

Room Location:  1603 

Phone Number:   951-695-7300 Ext.  3803

How Students Can Check Their Grades!

Students can create their own portal account by logging onto the following website and entering their personal information as follows:


Username = Student ID  

(no padded zeros  Ex 1000003560 or 900011111)


Password = First Initial, Last Initial and 6 digit birthday  

(XXMMDDYY  ex.  JK122998 or RB041199)



CAHSEE - Study Guides and Released Test Questions

California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) 

All California public school students must satisfy the CAHSEE requirement, as well as all other state and local requirements, in order to receive a high school diploma.

The following are links to different resources for students and parents:


My Work Experience


Temecula Valley H.S. 

Temecula, CA

2007 - Present


Hoover H.S.

San Diego, CA



Miner School

Arlington Heights, IL


We can make an IMPACT!

My Education

California State University - Fullerton
(Fullerton, CA)
Autism Authorization
Saint Xavier University

(Chicago, IL)

M.S.E.D, Teaching and Leadership



Northern Illinois University

(DeKalb, IL)

B.S.E.D., Special Education



 William Rainey Harper College

(Palatine, IL)

Assoc. Arts. - 1992


 Schaumburg High School

(Schaumburg, IL)



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The Galusha Family

The Galusha Family